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VM Chaminés' mission is to produce, promote and supply solutions for chimney systems, always ensuring the strictest standards of quality and safety.


Always assume a proactive attitude, based on rigor, quality and innovation capable of creating value and growing steadily in size and recognition. Continue to seek new levels of excellence that allow us to strengthen and create new partnerships in the national and international markets.

Ambition: search for improvement and to conquer levels of excellence;
Ethics: promote equal opportunities; promote ethics and transparency in business;
Cooperation: Promoting team spirit and a good working environment.

This walk began in 1982, by the hand of Mr. Vítor Monteiro, whose main activity is the construction of metallic structures, gates, railings and gravel spreaders.


In 1987, Metalomecânica Vítor Monteiro Lda (MVM) was born, formed by Vítor and Maria Alice Monteiro, marking a turning point in our activity, starting to manufacture wood-fired heating systems (balerinas, boilers for fireplaces) and stainless steel chimneys.


Seeking to meet the needs of the market and the satisfaction of our customers, MVM starts to produce and install in Portugal, in an innovative way, wood burning boilers for high performance central heating (with double chamber and inverted flame), products that had a great success with customers and projected our company to a level of excellence evolving towards diesel, gas and mixed solutions, always with the same performance and quality.


Later, the Grupo Vitor Monteiro insignia was launched, which encompasses the 3 company brands:

- VM Chaminés, dedicated to the manufacture of stainless steel pipes and accessories for the exhaustion of fumes and gases;

- TEK Biomasse, responding to the demand for new biomass equipment for domestic and industrial heating;

- VM Laser, with 2D and 3D cutting solutions.

These are our brands:

Result of a hard investment effort and with eyes set on the future, in May 2012, a new manufacturing unit was born with the aim of equipping our company with facilities, high-tech equipment, and with a policy of valuing our resources humans.


Currently, the expansion of the facilities of the headquarters factory in Estrada do Guilherme, Maceira is in the project phase.

The acquisition of new high-tech machines brought us closer to Industry 4.0, allowing us to increase the company's productivity, perfect the product and invest in high-performance multifunctional teams in a policy of continuous improvement.